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At CrackDigi, we allow guest posts from regular authors all around the world. Our’s is a new digital marketing blog gets that gives valuable information and latest trends running on this computer age. To submit a guest post, we have certain guidelines that need to be followed by every guest author. We recommend you to read this guidelines page until the end and then move to the guest post-publication process.

CrackDigi Guest Post Guidelines

The guest post that we receive will move to multiple check and revision process. Only the guest post which follows our guidelines will move to the final publication process. Others will be rejected and a notification send to the registered email address. If we receive multiple rejections (i.e., more than 3) from a particular author, the author’s account will be deleted without any further notice.

What are the Submission Guidelines?

  1. The content must have more than 1000 words and can go as long as needed.
  2. Give a catchy title and add proper subheadings. For long paragraphs, consider breaking into multiple small paragraphs.
  3. The content must be free from spelling and grammatical errors. Any plagiarized content or images not allowed. If images are taken from outside, make sure you have given proper credits.
  4. Inside the content, we allow one dofollow backlink to your website but make sure you registered with the same domain email. The backlink will not be provided to websites that not matching with the email address. More than one dofollow links will be deleted or marked as nofollow or sponsored at the time of revision.
  5. We do not allow backlink to cryptocurrency, casino, gambling, or betting sites.
  6. You must not write blogs with negative content like insulting someone or destroying other reputation.
  7. You agree that we edit the guest post and make the necessary changes to it in order to follow our regular blog style.
  8. Once content approved, you must not copy or republish it anywhere else.
  9. Guest post written with too much promotional content and adds no value to the readers will be deleted.

What type of categories we accept and what we don’t accept?

Our accepted categories are,

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Networks and Marketing
  • Technology
  • Web Design
  • Android Applications
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Gadgets
  • Hacking

The categories that not related to our blog are not accepted. Some of them are food, nature, travel, cinema etc.

Cost for Submitting a blog post

We don’t charge any fees for submitting a blog post. However, due to the many numbers of submissions we are getting now, we created a sponsored guest post option to speed up the review process. For that, contact our editorial team by filling up the form present in the contact us page.

How to Submit the Guest Post?

  1. If you are a new author for our website, first register yourself with your company email address. Registering with the common email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. will be removed immediately.
  2. Login to your account and fill your profile first.
  3. Click the Add Blog button present on the upper menu.
  4. Give a title to your blog and write or copy-paste your content and add images.
  5. In the right side section, choose the preferred category and add relevant tags.
  6. Finally, make sure everything is correct and click the publish button.

Alternatively, you can also send your guest post to our email address at info[at]crackdigi[dot]com, if you don’t want to register on our website.

Our editorial team will review your posts in the order we receive and publish the posts on our website.

If you read this page until this end, we appreciate you. We are eagerly looking for your contribution.